Welcome to my website and my collection of multidisciplinary fine art. All the work is my response to an immediate ‘happening’ in front of me, or, a preformed image idea in my mind that just needed to be played out.

The paintbrush, the pallet, the light and the lens - these all are tools I use and all represent just a means to an end.

I studied fine art and film photography more than thirty years ago at Art College and even back then, was fascinated in how I could successfully mix the two. Since then I have been using very old photographic techniques and applying them to digital imagery. In particular this can be seen with the Night Vision project where I discovered kinships and crossovers in painting and photography that I previously hadn’t realised.

All of my work is for sale and the high quality gallery prints I produce from digital files are available as limited editions in various sizes.

If you would like to discuss my work please contact me at roger@morganarts.co.uk